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The cover picture is of a bullet flying from a gun. Police said Enriquez had admitted to owning firearms with expired licenses. There have been allegations that Enriquez is actually the man behind the administrator account styling itself as Voxpopuli Voxlege. Rappler interviewed Enriquez over Facebook Messenger. He was unwilling to speak in person, or even over the phone, citing the recent death of his own mother that kept him at the family's wake.


Rappler is unable to confirm if it was the former municipal administrator operating the Neil Enad Enriquez account. A local Cebu reporter said he had arranged a meeting in with Enriquez through the Neil Enad Enriquez Facebook account, and confirmed that Neil Enriquez, the former municipal administor, had appeared for the meeting personally. While Enriquez answered Rappler's questions in detail through chat messages, the phone number he provided appeared inactive.

Messages and calls to that number have gone unanswered, and there has been no response from the older Enriquez account. Attempts to verify his identity through other means have failed. For purposes of this story, all quotes attributed to Enriquez, unless specified otherwise, were sourced from statements made by the Neil Enad Enriquez account, including Rappler's question interview and the 1, posts and numerous comments the account posted on the "Political Stories" Facebook group from July to April Neil Enriquez described himself as the former campaign manager of the Canoy camp, and the municipal administrator under then-mayor Abe Canoy.

He told Rappler he had no plans to run for any future elective positions. He said he had declined offers from the Canoy camp to run as either vice mayor or municipal councilor. While his earlier posts were mostly innocuous, he appeared to gain confidence in late , launching into an almost reckless series of insults against Reluya supporters.

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Many of the conversations deteriorated into name-calling from both sides. He saved most of his vitriol for the comments section. January 26 at am Vince Cruz Mendoza: Everything you say is recorded here councilor, you moron, someone should shut your mouth. After all, Donaire also happens to be his son's godfather. Mayor Reluya told Rappler it was Enriquez and her mayoral rival Ruben Feliciano who had been posting threats against her family.

As far as Rappler can determine from available posts, Enriquez stopped short of direct threats. We just comment on your antics. Enriquez told Rappler he was against anyone's murder, and that he has never tagged anyone as a drug dealer. He was correct, to an extent.

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Some had been raided and arrested. Three of the four men ran and won under the Canoy ticket in , and, according to Comelec records, were registered independents for the elections. These translate to: "Always remember I haven't made mistakes in the lists I've posted. Don't worry, there will be a surprise.

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Then Checkmate! Don't make a mistake! One click and you're over! Shielbert Alerta Encabo, allegedly Rachel Pollo, has been the target of multiple slurs attacking him for his gender and relationships. He was occasionaly tagged as a drug dealer. Many of the self-confessed Reluya supporters who were members of the page gave as good as they got. Enriquez has been called ugly, stupid, and a fat pig, among many other insults.

By his own estimation, Enriquez wielded major influence. Certainly Enriquez lent his credibility to Salgo, Mijares, Pollo, Makisig, and Eyo, whether inadvertently or otherwise. Their post or comment shouldn't be taken as gospel truths. Of her 20 publicly-available posts, Enriquez either commented on, or liked 18 of them, and often did both.

He left requests for more information in the comments section. Enriquez went as far as offering social media advice when the Mijares account began listing new murder targets. At the time, Mijares had been publishing additional names on the comments section of a Rachel Pollo post. So to those who are included in the lists, hide now so you can still save your lives, what a waste.

Neil Enad Enriquez "Start a new post for the list. A Facebook Rising Star is given to "group members who 'contribute to the community' within their first month of membership.

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A number of them were either supporters or members of the Reluya camp. On March 5, the municipal council of San Fernando held a special session to discuss the emergence of what they had begun to call the second kill list. Four local groups filed a complaint, asking both the municipal council and the police to investigate. Their information was hoax and it went viral because many reacted.

He added that police were trying to validate the reports.

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The verification will take time. The second kill list eventually disappeared from the page. Facebook said it had received a user report and removed the post for violating terms and conditions. On March 8, another Mijares post went live. She wrote down two of the names on the list, and the hashtags: " druglist" and " accurate. Mijares' posts translate to: "Don't be afraid if you're not guilty! Just watch and learn!

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In mid-March, local media published a photo of a lanky, long-haired young man in glasses being led away by police agents. The complainant was Ritchie Paul B.

Manugas told Rappler he filed the case in late Manugas said he was thankful for the decision that led to Encabo's arrest. His wife, he said, woke up nightly in tears after being tagged for drug dealing. His own small printing business had been hit hard by the online attacks, with commissions falling through after the kill lists were released. If you read the posts, it was as if a cockroach did him wrong he would post about it on Facebook and attack it. Encabo denied the allegations in a counter-affidavit reported in the local media, and insisted that he only ran a single Facebook account under the name of Shielbert Alerta Encabo.

Afterwards the Pollo account went silent. We are very serious in this matter but we're also sorry to the said person who involved in this War on Drugs.

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Thank you mic for your cooperation in this matter. Don't worry the truth will prevail as soon as possible!

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Like the Pollo account in the past, Mijares also claimed Encabo was in danger. Encabo replied with his thanks and added that the public should seek out Manugas, among others, because he was angry at him. Several of the accounts attributed to Shielbert Alerta Encabo, with the exception of his personal account, went silent in the aftermath of his arrest.

Encabo continued to post support for the Canoy-Feliciano ticket. The Rachel Pollo account later resurfaced under a new name, with a new photo. He told members often that Nonoy Reluya would still have lost the elections if he had lived. Shielbert Alerta Encabo was arrested again on April 6.