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LP, Vinyl record album Limited edition of ! CD Includes large booklet and slipcase, both in great shape! An album with an ancient-looking painting on the front, but a style that's pure 70s — served up here in a keyboard-heavy style from sound library giant Jacky Giordano! Jacky's given us plenty of funky records over the years, and this rare gem is definitely up with those 70s classics — lots of tight, sharp tracks — drums that crackle nicely, but with an approach to funk that's nicely changed up from the familiar — topped with these keyboard lines that have a very different flavor on each track, creating a strong sense of variety, usually just with a bit of bass in the mix as well!

LP, Vinyl record album Limited to copies.

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A previously-unreleased French recording of one of the greatest early compositions by Phil ip Glass — presented here in a recording that also features Glass himself as one of the performers! The group is a sextet — with organ work from Glass, Michael Riseman, Jon Gibson, and Joan LaBarbara — the last of whom also sings in a really beautiful way, in keeping with her reputation — and the group also features alto saxes from Dickie Landry and Richard Peck.

The mixture of reeds and organ lines is fantastic — spinning out in these sonic cycles that are completely hypnotic, and which must have been hell to perform as a group together! Titles include parts 1, 2, 3, 11, and 12 from the longer work — and the 2LP set also features an interview with Glass from LP, Vinyl record album Limited edition! A great collection of groovy French pop! Although Brigitte Bardot's best known in this end of the world for her acting, she actually cut quite a few great records in France during the 60s — and this set includes 20 of them — excellent Parisian sounds from the mod generation, with instrumentation that's as sexy as the vocals!

Qu'il Est Villain", and "Contact". Every word of dialogue in the film is sung, and Legrand came up with an amazing array of themes to carry the emotion of the film. Embedded in here are lines that later became worldwide hits — like "I Will Wait For You" and "Watch What Happens" — but in this version, the songs are just themes in the huge pastiche of dialogue and narrative, and they lurk behind the score in a beautiful way. This is one of our favorite all-time soundtracks, and this French version has a very lovely cover with Catherine Deneuve standing amidst some umbrellas!

Great 2LP version — with more material than the original LP release! LP, Vinyl record album Mono white label promo with deep groove.

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Label has a small sticker. Cover has some tape on the spine, a promo ink stamp, and a bit of pen on back. Why did Motown ever let the Four Tops get away? This album was their last for the label — and it's an excellent one, filled with soul, sweetness, and some of the best arrangements the group had in their later years! The soul component is super-high — with tight group instrumentation that reminds us of the best Phil ly backing combos of the same time, but leaner too — as Dennis Coffey and Wah Wah Ragin are on guitars, Jack Ashford handles percussion, and Leonard Caston adds some nice funky keyboards.

CD Limited edition! The title's a bit hokey, and the cover is too — but the record's a really great batch of tenor, organ, and guitar lines — served up with guitarist Randy Johnston at the helm, and featuring great contributions from Eric Alexander and Joey De France sco! Drummer Mickey Roker completes the quartet — kicking things along with his classic sound — and Joey's strong ability to handle basslines with the organ gives the record a nice rumbling feel up from the bottom. Palm Unit began their recorded career with a great tribute to French jazz legend Jef Gilson — but here, they maybe sound even more amazing — in an album that takes on the tunes of bassist Henri Texier, but with results that are completely the group's own!

Bass definitely figures in the music — as organist Frederic Ecoffier plays some very cool bass synth too — but the music has this warm, organic flow that's very much like some of the more unusual albums that Texier recorded in the 70s — music that certainly has jazz at the core, but which is very open to embracing other sounds too — in a lineup that also features Lionel Martin on tenor, Phil ippe Pipon Garcia on drums, and Abraham Mansfarroll on percussion.

The drums and percussion dance along in these wonderful rhythms with the keyboards and electric bassbits — and the tenor tops things off with a very soulful vibe. One of the last Ike Turner albums to contain lead vocals by Tina — a set from the start of the 80s, issued right before Tina hit that huge solo career on her own!

Tina's vocals come in early and are in very much in fine form — more in the mode she'd use on records to come than her sound back in the day, but lacking nothing at all in terms of her phrasing — even when Ike and the group take on tunes by some of the pair's contemporaries like Bill Withers, Shirley Caesar, and Elton John! Ce n'est point Brentius que je loue, mais l'Esprit saint, qui en toi est plus doux, plus tranquille; tes paroles coulent plus pures, plus limpides.

Est-ce que je leur ai fait quelque tort, quelque injustice? Celui qu'ils mordent est bien mordu. A Michel Marx. Elle a certes fait un heureux voyage. La chair saigne, sans doute, c'est sa nature; mais l'esprit vit et se trouve selon ses souhaits. Les enfans ne disputent point; comme on leur dit, ils croient. Chez les enfans tout est simple. Ils meurent sans chagrin ni angoisses, sans disputes, sans tentations de la mort, sans douleur corporelle, tout comme s'ils s'endormaient. Si la chair est si forte, que sera-ce donc de l'esprit.

Allons, seigneur docteur, tenez ferme. Dieu n'aime pas moins le genre humain que les parens leurs enfans.

Je ne t'aime toujours pas, Paulus

Oui, comme le soleil! Je suis joyeux en esprit, mais dans la chair je suis bien triste. Une telle mort, je l'accepterais sur l'heure! Car nous sommes avides, usuriers, etc. Une petite fille ne peut en faire autant. Elle tourne facilement au scandale et devient grosse. Moi aussi, je porte mon art dans les livres, je ne l'en tire point. De tels prodiges sont rares. Ce qu'ils ont, ils l'ont de moi. Si notre Seigneur Dieu veut juger, que lui importent les juristes?

Je n'entends rien au droit, mais je suis seigneur du droit dans les choses qui touchent la conscience. Mais lui, il chicane sur les mots. Car si un empire ou un royaume tombe, ses lois et ordonnances doivent tomber aussi. Mais qu'ils n'attaquent point ma chaire!

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Ils vantent le droit canonique, la m Je te le conseille, juriste, laisse dormir le vieux dogue [a65]. Qu'y puis-je faire? Cet article contient tous les autres. Ego sum tuum peccatum, tu mea justitia; triumpho igitur securus , etc.


Il y en a maintenant qui cherchent ces colonnes et qui voudraient les toucher de leurs mains. Mais comme ils n'y peuvent arriver, ils tremblent, se lamentent, et craignent que le ciel ne tombe. Ils pourraient les toucher que le ciel n'en bougerait pas. Notre arc-en-ciel est faible, leurs nuages sont lourds.

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Mais la fin jugera de la force de l'arc. Sed in fine videbitur cujus toni. Aujourd'hui ils veulent tous triompher. Comment vois-tu qu'ils sont habiles? Il voulait disputer avec moi jusqu'au feu inclusivement , disait-il. Il pensait que le jugement aurait lieu le jour de saint Luc.

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On lui dit de se tenir tranquille et de n'en point parler; ce qui le chagrina fort. C'est un terrible exemple pour les orgueilleux. Les sots ne savent point ce que c'est que la foi Enfin Luther se leva, et voulut sortir; Jeckel aurait encore bien voulu s'expliquer et discuter avec lui; mais le docteur ne voulut plus lui parler. Puis-je le voir s'enorgueillir pendant ma vie, et vouloir gouverner? Eisleben, es-tu donc un tel Dieu te pardonne ton amertume! Le bourreau finira par en dire autant.

Tu me trompes, dit l'homme. Oh non!

follow link Il croit que, dans le nouveau ciel et la nouvelle terre, il y aura aussi des animaux utiles [r]. Je remercie plus notre Seigneur pour un arbre que tous les paysans pour tous leurs champs.

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Je ne puis pourtant le croire [r]. Cette opposition ne soutient pas l'examen. C'est le signe d'un mal futur. O mon Dieu! Enfin, comme il ne voulait point finir, je rassemblai mes petits livres et allai me mettre au lit Le docteur Luther vit la chose de ses propres yeux, avec beaucoup d'autres personnes. Pourquoi ne restes-tu pas dans le ciel?